What To Do If Your Child Has a Loose Tooth?

Child Lost Tooth

Kids ultimately have 20 baby (primary) teeth – 10 on the top and 10 on the bottom. These teeth function as placeholders for the adult teeth that take their place after the baby teeth fall out. Most kids begin to lose their baby teeth at six years of age, and this process continues into their early teens.

The baby teeth are typically lost in the order that they come in, so the bottom two teeth first, followed by the top two.

Removing Loose Tooth

As you well know from your childhood, your child can expect a little pain and possible bleeding from a loose tooth. It is better for a loose tooth to come out on its own. Removing it early can be unpleasant for the child and can cause infection for the soft tissues and gums. The nerve will dissolve naturally if the tooth is loose since it is ready to be replaced by an adult tooth.

If they feel comfortable, it is OK to let your child wiggle the baby tooth until it falls out on its own. They should have clean hands while doing so.

Sometimes a baby tooth can end up being loose due to decay or damage, and this can lead to poor timing and spacing of long-term teeth. This is among the reasons that we recommend consulting with your pediatric dentist about any loose teeth.

Can’t Find the Lost Tooth

Losing the tooth is pretty common as it can fall out overnight while the child is sleeping. We know that swallowing a baby tooth is not part of the plan, but you shouldn’t be concerned. A swallowed tooth is harmless and will naturally pass. The tooth fairy will understand if there isn’t a tooth under child’s pillow.

Now as far as how much the tooth fairy leaves for a lost tooth? We aren’t experts but when we consulted the tooth fairies we know, we got an average of about $5 left under the pillow for a lost tooth.

Your kids depend upon you to provide the proper example, tools, and resources for their oral health. Please continue to research as much as possible about the advancement of their teeth and the very best methods to preserve a beautiful and healthy smile. Our pediatric dental experts are always pleased to help assist you and to provide your child more awareness oral health. ICTeeth currently has two locations to help serve the Wichita and Derby communities. Contact us to schedule a dental visit for your child at 316-681-3228

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