Guidance of Erupting Teeth

During teething, your baby’s gums may be sensitive when their teeth erupt. Babies can’t tell you their gums hurt, but they may be cranky, so it’s best to be prepared.

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Here are a few ways to soothe a child experiencing discomfort from erupting teeth:

  • Teething rings – Chilled teething rings can numb the gums and provide pressure for gnawing.
  • Gum massage – Gently massage the gums with a clean finger or a silicone teether.
  • Cool washcloth – Offer a cool, damp washcloth for your baby to chew on.
  • Over-the-counter pain relievers – Consult your pediatrician about age-appropriate pain relievers. Many OTC products have infant and toddler dosages that have been ruled safe.
  • Chamomile tea – Dilute chamomile tea and let your child suck on a cool washcloth dipped in the tea.

Teething can be painful, and multiple eruptions can happen simultaneously. Having a few different strategies to ease your baby’s discomfort can make teething more manageable for you both. 

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Teething Timeline

Here’s a general timeline of when to expect your baby’s teeth to erupt. Note that every child is unique and may get their teeth on a different timeline.

Lower central incisors
(Front teeth)
6–10 months6–7 years
Upper central incisors8–12 months6–7 years
Lower lateral incisors10–16 months7–8 years
Upper lateral incisors9–13 months7–8 years
Lower canines17–23 months9–12 years
Upper canines16–22 months10–12 years
First molars (lower)14–18 months9–11 years
First molars (upper)13–19 months9–11 years
Second molars (lower)23–33 months10–12 years
Second molars (upper)16–36 months10–12 years

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Monitoring Erupting Teeth

Guidance of erupting teeth, also known as “pre-eruptive guidance,” is an orthodontic treatment approach used to create optimal space for permanent teeth during their development and eruption. This can help prevent future crowding, misalignment, and other orthodontic problems. 

There are two primary types of guidance for erupting teeth: space maintainers and eruption guidance appliances. Space maintainers are typically used when a baby tooth is lost prematurely due to decay or injury. They hold the space open for the permanent tooth to erupt into its correct position.

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Eruption guidance appliances gently guide the eruption of permanent teeth into their correct positions. They can be used to address various concerns, such as:

  • Crowding: When there is not enough space in the jaw for all the permanent teeth to erupt correctly
  • Impacted teeth: When a permanent tooth is unable to erupt through the gum tissue on its own
  • Crossbites: When the upper and lower teeth do not meet edge-to-edge

Here are some of the benefits of guidance of erupting teeth:

  • Reduces the need for future orthodontic treatment: By creating space for permanent teeth to erupt correctly, guidance of erupting teeth can help prevent the need for braces or other orthodontic treatment later in life.
  • Improves oral health: Properly aligned teeth are easier to clean, which can help reduce the risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Improved smile: Properly aligned teeth can improve the appearance of the smile and face.

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Professional Help for Erupting Teeth

Teething can be challenging for parents and kids, but our pediatric dentists are here to help. If you are concerned about your child’s teeth erupting correctly, schedule an appointment at ICTeeth Smile Safari and meet with one of our fantastic pediatric dentists. They will be able to offer their professional guidance and ease your concerns. 

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