St Patrick’s Day Parade 2019

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The Delano St Patrick’s Day Parade is quickly becoming one of Wichita’s most well attended and beloved events. Every year, hundreds of Wichitans gather along the Delano corridor between McClean and Seneca to witness over 70 parade participants show their stuff.

The Best ToothFairy Ever

This year however, ICTeeth (a first time entry) turned heads and got plenty of positive attention. Dr David Brown stole the show as a 6’2” red-bearded leprechaun sporting some very stylish fairy wings. And not just any wings… tooth fairy wings! Along with his bright green top hat and giant green plaid tie, Dr David Brown stole the show.

Dr David Brown, Dr Scott White, Dr Stephen Moore, and at least 20 others entered into the parade showing off their new name (ICTeeth Pediatric Dentistry) and logo – and what a hit they were! Kids clapped and cheered – the words “tooth fairy” spoken with wonder and excitement. And just like the tooth fairy, ICTeeth volunteers handed out bags with toothpaste, stickers, magnets, and other goodies inside.
“We actually ran out of ICTeeth bags shortly after turning the corner.” says Dr Scott White. “We had no idea how big the parade actually was, but next year we’ll be ready!”

Dr David Brown Pediatric Dentist Wichita KS Delano St Patrick's Day Parade Tooth Fairy

“There really couldn’t have asked for a better reaction. Dr David Brown really loves kids – I mean who else would be willing to wear a red beard, green top hat, fairy wings, and ride around in the back of a trailer for 3 city blocks?!” Says Chris Gill, owner of Dunn Allen Design. “It’s definitely going to be something we look forward to every year!”

The Delano St Patty’s Day parade was a huge success for the new brand, however ICTeeth has plans to become a household name over the next several months. Keep your eyes open because you’re going to be seeing a LOT of us around town!

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